Contracts & Partnerships


  • CMAS

    The California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) is a statewide contract that allows California state and local government agencies to purchase a wide variety of products and services from pre-qualified suppliers. CMAS is managed by the California Department of General Services (DGS), and it is one of the largest and most successful procurement programs in the state. 

    CMAS offers a number of benefits to both agencies and suppliers. For agencies, CMAS can help to streamline the procurement process, save time and money, and ensure that they are getting the best possible prices. For suppliers, CMAS can provide a valuable opportunity to reach a large and growing market. 

    To be eligible for CMAS, suppliers must meet a number of requirements, including having a good financial record, being able to meet delivery schedules, and offering fair and competitive prices. Once a supplier is qualified, they can submit proposals to agencies that are looking to purchase products or services that are covered by the CMAS program. 

    CMAS is a valuable resource for both California state and local government agencies and suppliers. It is a convenient and efficient way to purchase a wide variety of products and services, and it can help to save both time and money. If you are a California state or local government agency or a supplier, I encourage you to learn more about CMAS and how it can benefit you. 

  • SLP

    The California Software License Program (SLP) is a program administered by the California Department of General Services (DGS) that provides state agencies with access to software licenses at discounted prices. The SLP is designed to help state agencies save money on software purchases, while also ensuring that they are using the latest and most up-to-date software. 

    The SLP includes a wide variety of software from a variety of publishers, including Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle. Agencies can purchase software licenses through the SLP using a variety of methods, including online ordering, direct purchase from a participating reseller, or through a state contract. 

    The SLP is a valuable resource for state agencies that are looking to save money on software purchases. By participating in the SLP, agencies can get the latest software at discounted prices, while also ensuring that they are using software that is compatible with the state’s IT infrastructure. 

    Here are some of the benefits of participating in the California Software License Program: 

    • Save money on software purchases 
    • Access the latest software 
    • Ensure that software is compatible with the state’s IT infrastructure 
    • Get support from participating resellers 
    • Make it easier to manage software licenses 

  • CalNET

    The California Network and Telecommunications (CALNET) Program is focused on providing services that meet the State’s complex and critical telecommunications and network business needs. The CALNET Program accomplishes this through oversight, statewide policy, and a suite of statewide, competitively bid telecommunications contracts used by both state and local agencies.


  • NCPA

    NCPA is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states.

    NCPA works with a lead public agency, who competitively solicits master contracts. Contracts are awarded based on quality, performance, and most importantly pricing.

    NCPA contracts are available for use to over 90,000 agencies nationwide in both the public and nonprofit sectors including: K-12, Higher Education, City, County, State, Healthcare, Church/Religious and all Non-profit organizations.