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Poly Grant Assistance Programs
Get the Tools You Deserve:

There are grant funds available to help your team collaborate better and stay connected. Secure the funding you need to develop a modern and effective tele-workspace. Whether it’s a government building, courtroom, or a classroom, there are opportunities for you to improve the way you work

Letting You Do What You Do Best:

As a Disabled Veteran Owned Enterprise, Mergent helps organizations take their video collaboration and conferencing to the next level. With our help, teams are more efficient and communicate better. For over 10 years, we’ve built flexible communication infrastructures and provided in-depth support for conference rooms across the State of California. We understand technology, listen to your needs, and build systems to maximize your workspace whether it’s a government building, courts, or a classroom.

Connecting You with Technology:

We are proud to partner with Poly as we try to reach more people across the State of California to ensure all organizations are able to get the best equipment to maintain video connections regardless of location. Mergent is pleased to announce the Mergent Grant Program in conjunction with Poly Grants Assistance Program (PGAP).

What is this grant for?

PGAP is a FREE, no strings attached resource for Poly’s customers in the education, healthcare, and government sectors. Our team educates organizations on the funding opportunities for their projects and goals. We provide our clients with full spectrum grant guidance and project management, from initial project design to application submission and post-award support. We’d love to work with you and help your organization acquire funding for the critical technology and services that you need.

  • Grant Assistance Program

    Poly is pleased to offer a wide array of free grant services. The PGAP team connects you to resources specifically to meet the needs of your organization. Our network of experts are here to help you through the grant process—from grant identification and application to post-award administrative support.

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  • For Education

    Rather than choosing between in-person or remote instruction, teachers and their students are now planning for a hybrid learning model. Poly offers affordable, scalable video and audio solutions for this new model that will allow educators to build technology-enhanced classrooms that can serve both in-person attendees and remote attendees.

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  • For Healthcare

    From telemedicine to staff communication and from CME to day-to-day business, Poly is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality, end-to-end communications experiences.  Take a look at the solutions that help drive success in the healthcare.

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Learning events

Join Mergent for a conversation with the Poly team to learn how COVID relief and other funding can be leveraged for today's technology needs.
  • Thursday March 18th, 2021 - 11am PST

    Grant Funding Available: Distance Learning Technology  (30 mins content, additional 15 mins Q&A)

  • Tuesday March 23, 2021 - 11AM PST

    Telehealth Funding for Video Technology – (30 mins content, additional 15 mins Q&A)

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